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SteelSeries 5C Limited Edition (WotLK) Mousepad

SteelSeries 5C Limited Edition (WotLK) Mousepad
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Model: HPC79
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The surface on the SteelSeries 5C Limited Edition (WotLK) sports a fine detailed textile surface, comprised of a specially designed compressed fiber fabric, which is superheated and then laser cut. The result is a gaming surface which offers consistent friction, glide, precision and accuracy. The surface on the SteelSeries 5C has been thoroughly tested and approved by leading professional gamers. The multiple layers of compressed synthetic fibers and plastic helps the pad maintain both shape and stability. The special Frostwyrm Edition displays graphics from the World of Warcraft® expansion, Wrath of the Lich King™ which is instantly recognizable worldwide by the more than 11 million subscribers to Blizzard®’s World of Warcraft®.
* Combines the strength of plastic with the softness of cloth
* Compatible with all mouse technologies, including laser
* Non-slip rubber base


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Platforma: PC
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